Recent archeological studies and excavations indicate that Cesme has not been only a harbor of the Cityof Erythrai-Village of Ildır of the present day – but actually a significant polis in the region for almost 5000 years. The city was named as Cysus under the rule of the Byzantine Empire. Cysus was taken by Caka Bey of the Seljuk Turks in 1081, bacene an Ottoman Discrit in 1422 and was called Cesme since then. Cesme was accupied by the Greeks after the First War and taken back in 1922 by Turks.

Among more than twenty snady beaches around Cesme, Ilıca Beach is the most popular and well known. Alaçatı, Pırlanta, Altınkum, Tursite, Şifne ve Paşalimanı are the others.

Recently completed , the majestic Cesme Marina is among the Blue-Flagged marinas.